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They say that a wedding is a once in a lifetime event and once you are in, there is no way of coming back. Or ever if there is, it surely is not an easy way out. This is why friends of the bride and the groom organize pre-wedding parties to commemorate the last "free" days of the couple. These parties are intended to make those last few days memorable to the imminent married couple.


Bucks Parties, sometimes called bachelor's party is traditionally organized and hosted by the groom's best man with the help of the other groomsmen. Since this party is exclusively for the boys, it is expected that it would be rowdy and loud especially for active men coming together to have fun with the groom prior to his commitment. Or sometimes to make fun of the groom which can make the event more memorable for him. This party is held usually at least two to three weeks before the wedding. The old bucks night entails a fun night of drinking beer and hiring a stripper which is a speciality of https://www.pokerdeluxe.com.au/perth-bucks-party-packages/


Although this old practice are still the same for some bucks, these days, there are lots of options and activities to choose from to make the bucks night feel complete. Sometimes the event lasts not only for a night but may probably go on during the whole weekend. Aside from beer drinking and dancing along with a hired stripper, bucks can choose to engage in a more creative range of activities like sport, adventure, leisure or nostalgia. In Sport and adventure there are paintball, go-kart, skydive, white water rafting and surfing. Leisure activities may include balloon flights, fishing, camping or yachting. Whereas for a laid-back nostalgic and low key bucks night, arcade rental can bring back the good old boyhood days for the groom.

If the groom can have fun and be merry while he is still free, so can the bride too and this is made possible by her maid of honor and bridesmaids. Some naughty friends of the bride, upon hearing that the bucks are going to hire a stripper for their party would also give in to temptation and wildness and hire their own male stripper. Girls too can drink some wine while playing some games as do the bucks.


Like the bucks, these hens are not limited to indoor house parties or hired stripping bar. There are tons of activities and ideas that hens can do to have the most unforgettable hens night for the bride. These girls can have a spa hens night where they can rent a beauty spa or better yet gather in the bride's place and bring all their DIY beauty treatment kits and spend the whole night pampering each other. Also they can dine all together in a restaurant and head off to a karaoke bar or play some bridal games. Shopping too is another option for this all-girls night out for the bride where they can shop and look for the lingerie the bride can use for their honeymoon.


While there are many activities for the buck's and hen's night, what's essential is to provide the bride and the groom some relaxing time amidst the stress of their wedding preparation.

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