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It's party time and you want to jazz up the evening, add a little more splash and spice to your colorful fiesta theme party or your Las Vegas Night to make it a truly one-of-a-kind event -- Why not make it a lingerie party?


Lingerie parties typically come in two flavors. There's the tamer girls night out version where you hang out with a bunch of your girlfriends and either shop for lingerie or just have a riotous bachelorette evening and then there's the more naughty kind open to both men and women where everyone can come dressed down to their favorite underwear.


Whatever type of lingerie party you are throwing, keep in mind that it can be a totally decent event and that the tone of the evening is something that you can specify and set down, especially when you are sending out your invitations. A lingerie element can add a touch of daring and adventure to any kind of themed party that you are planning to throw and that's all the nuance there need be. It can be just like any other generic party except that you'll have a lot more fun with your attire and gifts not to mention the enjoyment you'll have playing hilarious games involving lingerie from throwing it around to sporting it on your head.


If you are going for a girls night out lingerie party, just remember that it's quite similar to a bachelorette party. You can ask your friends to come dressed in their most outrageous lingerie or bring the most hideous pieces they own and have a bunch of laughs over them. With face creams, manicures and a lot of heart-to-heart talk you can also turn this into an overnight affair-- Make it a refreshing 'pamper yourself' with https://www.pokerdeluxe.com.au/gold-coast-brisbane-bucks-party-packages/


Additionally a lingerie home party like this could also be a great way for you to make a few extra bucks. After all, how often is it that you get a chance to shop for lingerie with your girlfriends en masse? This could be a chance for all of you to have some good old fashioned fun giggling over scandalous lingerie, pajama sets, nightgowns, thongs and naughty baby dolls. All you'll need to do is to contact a lingerie party company and they'll take care of organizing the details. At the end of the day, in addition to everyone having had a smashingly good time, you'll receive either free merchandise or hostess credits depending upon the company's policy plans. Can't get any better, can it?


If you are going for a couples or an 'open to all' type of lingerie party where there are both men and women, make sure to set some ground rules first and send them out in your invitations. You can specify the type of attire for the evening; Make it a sexy but classy affair and in case you are worried about overly revealing costumes, specify that truants will be made to wear clothes! Add tons more thrill and fun by making it a costume lingerie party. For instance--Hunks and Sirens from Underwear hell (Devil theme party), Intergalactic lingerie hunters (space theme party), Mermen & Mermaid's Castoffs and Superhero's Bad Underwear Day. Be prepared to see some truly bizarre, laugh-out loud outfits!


What's great about lingerie parties is that they add a touch of the audacious and elevate an otherwise great party to a truly mind blowing, talked-for-years-after kind of one. The slightly scandalous and sexy undertone can be rejuvenating and can leave everyone feeling like a million dollars. So go ahead and be the talk of the town -- Throw a fabulous lingerie party!

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